EPA Registration
Renewable Fuel Pathway approved by the EPA and is listed as an "Accepted Renewable Fuel Producer." GER renewable diesel fuel product qualifies for RINs

Renewable Fuel Mandates
Growing demand for renewable fuels. Currently the mandate is 7.5 billion in 2012. the push is for 36 billion by 2022

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Global Energy Resources
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Advanced BioFuel - Renewable Diesel

Global Energy Resources produces the Next eneration of Biofuel. GER’s unique process creates a renewale biofuel additive that complies with ASTM specifications and offers numberous benefits to the end user. Theses benefits include increasing lubricity, extending the life of the engine while reducing environmental emissions.


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  • Lubricity
  • Cloud point -2°F
    Pour point exceeds
  • No FAME
    (fatty acid methyl esters)
  • Meets petroleum specs
    (ASTM D975)
  • Environmentally friendly
    manufacturing process
  • No water used, ever
  • No by-prodcuts
  • Increased BTUs
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Our patented process was only the third pathway approved by the EPA for manufacturing a renewable fuel additive. The new pathway was named the GER Process because of its unique and innovative process. Our team of engenners, chemists, and fuel experts makes us the best.

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There is a growing demand & mandate for use of renewable fuels in the United States. The amount of product is monitored by the use of RINs, which we generate. The government is pushing for increased usage by incentivizing consumption. Applications for our product includes on and off highway, construction, marine, locomotive, heating fuel, and much more.

Global Enerty Resources - Next Generation Biodiesel

Global Energy Resources has developed a production technology truly unique product, one of only three approved by the EPA. Transesterification method, most commonly used for the production of traditional "first generation" FAME biodiesel. Hydroprocessing / Hydrotreating method, like the major refiners use. The GER Pathway method, our proprietary technology which efficiently converts bio feedstock into high quality renewable diesel that meets ASTM D975 standard. Our complete process does not use heat like hydrotreating or water like transesterification.

Utilizing a proprietary, EPA-approved advanced biofuels production pathway, GER can convert a wide variety of bio feedstock into high-quality, commercial scale renewable diesel in approximately 3 hours, versus 6-10 days often required by traditional biodiesel production methods. This radically reduced throughput time virtually eliminates the need to maintain significant inventories of both feedstock and finished product, reducing operating costs, and enables us to respond quickly to feedstock availability and pricing opportunities.